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Core Stabilization
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Core stability and control are the most important components of sport training and competition. Research has taught us that traditional methods to enhance the core are ineffective. For only 10 minutes a day, you can progress through this 6-week, circuit-based, training routine utilizing the latest in sports medicine research. This program is easy enough for the beginner and challenging enough for the elite athlete.
core stability
Core Stability

This 62 minute DVD comes complete with a 6-week, progressive training grid, which incorporates more than 55 different exercises into your daily practice routine. The Core Stabilization Program does not require any special equipment and can be performed on any surface.
Core DVD
New Release!
DVD core stabilization trainer

David Denny PT, FAAOMPT is a licensed physical therapist with 18 years of experience in treating orthopedic and sports injuries. He has lectured for over 12 years on spinal stability and core training. David combines his experience as a college wrestler and a multi-sport high school and youth coach to bring to you this innovative core training routine.

Enhance Performance/Prevent Injury

For only 10 minutes a day, this DVD will progress you through some of the most challenging core exercises available.

What is the Core and why do we need to train it?

The Core is the muscular girdle that surrounds the trunk and the spine. It “stiffens” the trunk creating a stable base of support for the arms and legs to function. It ties the legs, pelvis and shoulder girdle into the trunk Allows for the transfer of force from the ground through the legs, across the trunk and into the arms. It is where every movement and activity starts. Traditional methods of training athletes have poorly addressed the training of the core.

Core stabilization
designed for beginners and the elite athlete

As a coach myself, I knew that 10 key factors would need to be incorporated into this program in order for it to be successful. The program needed to:

•    Incorporate the latest in sports medicine research and injury prevention.
•    Address the key core training needs of athletes in all sports.
•    Be easy enough for beginners to understand and initiate, but challenging enough for elite athletes.
•    Be designed to allow performance as an individual or together as a team.
•    Be easily incorporated into the athlete’s or team’s daily warm-up routine.
•    Dynamically warm up and stretch the major joints and muscles of the body so as to prepare the athlete for practice or competition.
•    Be completed in less than 10 minutes per day.
•    Not require special equipment.
•    Be performed on any surface (i.e. gym floor, track, soccer field, etc.).
•    Be fun, challenging and progressive!

Training program is segmented
into 6, 1-week sessions

Although the program is broken up into 6, 1-week training sessions, athletes are encouraged to progress at their own rate. The design allows athletes of various abilities to work out together.

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